Shouting Into Darkness

Movin’ Out

Posted in Personal Crap by Chris W. on November 9, 2011

From Google+:

I spend my last night in my apartment the way I spent my first: sleeping on the floor, overheating, and surrounded by unorganized piles of junk. Poetic.

This place has been good to me. I’ve been through college graduation, unemployment, tragedy and triumph. And through it all, this place was “home.” It’s nice to know you have a place to go to, to belong no matter what happens outside it’s boundaries.

That time is over now. I’m a quarter-century old, responsible (?) adult (???) and I’m moving in with +Meaghan Hartie, the woman who now defines my world like this place did three years ago. Our next apartment will be a reflection of our life together, may it be long and prosperous. But to my first apartment, I say “thank you.” I hope you treat the next tenant as well as you did me.


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